5 unconventional blog promotion tactics to attract more readers

Sameer Baig


Blogging is noisier and more competitive than ever. Even just getting people to notice — let alone actually read — your articles can feel almost impossible. Meanwhile, we all know that social media algorithms can change in a moment, disrupting even the few strategies we find that work. So how can content creators stand out and find readers? Fortunately, there are many underutilized blog promotion techniques most bloggers have no idea about. If you’re willing to invest a little more time, there are still powerful methods for consistently driving traffic back to your blog. It starts with thinking outside the box. As a SaaS copywriter, I experiment every week to find new techniques for promoting articles. Here are 5 unconventional tactics you can try to attract new readers: Share your article in Quora Spaces I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention on Quora lately. I think in general that it is a very underutilized distribution tool. In the last month I’ve had a few interesting wins, like an answer I wrote that was distributed to over 100,000 people through Quora Digest. I’ve also had a handful of answers get multiple thousands of views by simply responding to relevant questions. But there’s one tactic that puts my other Quora distribution hacks to shame. It’s this simple: share a link to your blog post within a relevant Quora Space. If your article is accepted into the Quora Space, it can be sent to thousands of potential readers. Quora Spaces are relatively new. They were only created late last year and, for the most part, seem to slide under the radar of most bloggers. I’ve shared several blog posts through Quora Spaces. These simple shares have resulted in hundreds of new readers to my own and my clients’ blog posts.


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